Dussehra 2016

Dusshera 2016: Get Dasara Collection Wishes, SMS, Messages Quotes

Happy Dusshera 2016: Get Dasara Collection Wishes, SMS, Messages Quotes

In india people wait for 2 festivals  every year (1) Dussehra,(2) Diwali these two fetivals been celebrated by evey one it does not matter the person belongs to which community in INDIA and not even in INDIA these two festivals celebrated by world wide with happiness but Dussehra comes before the Diwali 2016.

On this day lord Ram killed ravan becasue of his evil habits which he did while abducting Sita mayia and he was aware that is he is not doing any kind of wise thing after knowing Ravan did flippant thing and that was the reason he killed by lord Ram so on this day entire INDIAN community burn the effigy of ravan and say This festival is a triumph of good over evil but there are also some major facts of dussehra kindly look below for that

Dussehra 2016

When is Dussehra in 2016?

According to Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated on the tenth day of the month Ashwin every year

Dussehra 2016 Date: October 11, 2016

According to Gregorian calendar it is held in the month of September or October. After 20 days of Dussehra festival, the grand festival of India, Diwali is celebrated with great fervor.

More…. Muhurats & Timings during Dussehra Festival / Vijayadashmi Festival
Vijay Muhurat – 14:09 to 14:55
Duration: 0 Hours 46 Minutes


Aparanha Puja Time – 13:22 to 15:41
Duration: 2 Hours 19 Minutes


Dashmi Tithi Starts: 22:53 on October 10, 2016
Dashmi Tithi Ends: 22:28 on October 11, 2016

Happy Dussehra 2016

Our love ones and known people spread across  the globe those people who stay in India they are aware of this joyful festival they can roam around and enjoy with their loved ones but those people who are leaving out of the INDIA they are unaware about this joyful festival  so if you have to wish Happy Dusshera to your friends or relatives so we have wide collection of DUSSHERA SMS which you can send to anyone across the globe and make them happy and realize about this enormous festival.

Dussehra Date in Upcoming Years

Dussehra 2017 Date – September 30 (Saturday)
Dussehra 2018 Date – October 19 (Friday)
Dussehra 2019 Date – October 8 (Tuesday)
Dussehra 2020 Date – October 25 (Sunday)
Dussehra 2021 Date – October 15 (Friday)

1.On this festival do not burn effigy of ravan also burn you 5 vices . 5 vices are :

B. Anger

If you remove these 5 vices from your enternal soul then you will be like Lord Ram

Other wise you will be Ravan it does not mateer that you are burning his effigy if you wanna burn some thing then burn your bad habites which is mention above

2. Dushhera is a great symbol of triumph of good over evil but if you wanna triumph some thing some win these three things

A.Mind =Mind thinks
B.Intellect= Intellect takes decision wheater it is right or wrong
C.Custom = If our habits become our nature it is called custom

If you conquer these three things then you will be like Ram other wise you are Ravan

3.On this day lets take a oath that we will never do a any kind of flipant thing which cause Unhapiness,Sadness or destruction

Many people are unware about this festival so  we have listed the 7 interesting and unknown facts about Dussehra festival.

1 – In Nepal, Dussehra festival is known as “Dashain”.

2 – Another unknown fact about Dussehra is that “Dasara” is the national festival of Nepal.

3 – In Himachal Pradesh, It is celebrated as “Kullu Dussehra” in Dhalpur maidan of Kullu valley.

4 – Dussehra is also well known by the name of Viajayadashmi, the meaning of Viajayadashmi is the victory on the tenth day.

5 – The Dussehra festival is not celebrated only in India but also celebrated in other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Malaysia with great zeal.

6 – The large effigy of demon Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Meghnath was burnt on this day along with firecrackers.

7 – Dussehra celebration was started in the 17th century in Mysore.

Accorsding to the bhagavad gita scriptures Dushhera is all about the removing darkness in people life and bring peace in pepole life that is why we say being peace with love but people are uwanre that we all are living in RAVAN kingdom age because every one is contain with 5 vices wheater is a VIP man or common man when we go to temple,Mosque,Gurdarwa,Church we say oh good come and purifer us how can god come purifier us till the time we have a strong detreming power according to many scriptures  Like : Bbhagavad gita , Kurran.Dhampad ,Bible

these all are the differnet-differnet scriputers of differnet-differnet relegious but all of these has one aim which is remove the Ravan Kingdom and adopt Ram kingdom . if we do that then we can say proudly that we are burning the effigy of ravan along with our all vices (Anger,Lust,Attachment,Greddy,Arrogance)

So lets take a resoluation that on this day we will burn our abad habits and never adopt that spread peace,love or happiness if you do these thngs then you wll enjoy this featival and every day of your life.

Wishing you Happy Dusshera and good success

Happy Dussehra SMS

A collection of best  Happy Dussehra SMS 2016 is waiting for you .Browse them and get good SMS for this most awaited festival and forward to your friends, relatives, colleagues through WhatsAPP or Facebook and celebrate this happily occasion

Happy Dussehra SMS Messages 2016

Troubles as light as Air,
love as deep as Ocean,
Friends as Solid as Diamonds,
and Success as bright as Gold…
These are the wishes for you and
your family on the day of Dussehra.

Har pal ho sunehera
Duniya me naam ho roshan thumahara
Dusron ko dikhako tum kinara
Yehi sapna hai hamara
Happy Happy and Happy Dussehra

Happy Dusshera 2016 Wishes

We have accumulated the most unique or exclusive list of HAPPY DUSSEHRA 2016 wishes for you from various sources to help you celebrate and wish  HAPPY DUSSEHRA 2016 to your friends and your loved ones all you have to do is just copy the HAPPY DUSSEHRA wishes which you like to send then send it to anyone by WhatsAPP,Facebook,Twitter or any other social media networking site and make them your love ones happy from your warm wishes.

Wish you all a very HAPPY DUSSEHRA and I hope that you conquer all your dreams and come up with all success you want in your life

On This Dusshera, wish that you become a viceless and pure human being come up the path of lead to happiness, Peace and success. HAPPY DUSSEHRA

All the cheerful wishes for you to bring endless happiness in your success way with enormous achievement 

May God give you the endless happiness which you can spread to needed people.

Happy Dusshera 2016 quotes 

May this Dusshera,
light up for you.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!
Wish you Happy

Hope the above Happy Dusshera2016: Collection of Dusshera Wishes, SMS, Messages, Quotes help you share and express your love and emotion..